Our method – A close collaboration

Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients; we make your business our business. We understand you, your goals and your visions – and we understand your customers.

That is how we achieve great results.
Our work

Here are some examples of our work, and a selection of our projects and clients.
Collaborations we are quite proud of.
Volkswagen Group Sweden
Enhanced customer relations
A new and progressive digital approach to customer satisfaction. Together with Volkswagen Group Sweden and their brands Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, SKODA and SEAT,
we formed new online strategies and communication platforms. We created a strong digital presence and enhanced customer relations. Setting the foundation with customer loyalty programs, sustainable lead management
workflows, CRM integrations and personalized customer profiles. Empowering us to fine-tune and target marketing and after-sales campaigns.

Our role as a development partner is to keep each brand’s customers inspired, satisfied and loyal.
Email marketing. Pure and simple.
C5 is our most powerful product and a completely new approach to email marketing. C5 was designed with user-friendliness and simplicity as its core values and is full of powerful features ideal for small and large business alike.

C5 forms the foundation of many of our projects and collaborations. With powerful and flexible functionality
such as database integrations, design guidance and
content distribution, it allows organizations to work smart and effectively. Allowing all users to focus on what’s important – the message.

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A part of the official Gateway to Sweden
VisitSweden continuously arranges workshops, seminars
and events for various international organizations and companies to promote the brand of Sweden, Swedish destinations and experiences.

For the B2B online strategy, we developed a web-based communication platform with which VisitSweden can administrate everything from participant applications, company profiles and appointments, to travel details
and VISA card payments for the various workshops.
The key element consists of a customized match-making system for meeting schedules. The platform handles vast amounts of data and user workflows for several hundred international workshop participants, processing applications and automatically generating meeting schedules based on participant requests.

As a collaboration partner, we are responsible for upholding a sustainable communication strategy, all with a Swedish touch to provide an inspiring and appealing experience.
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